Terms of the conciergery service

Mom agency offers you it’s services as a concierge.

Some indications for optimal conditions...

Must be left in the apartment by the owner:

  • Blanket, pillow, mattress cover (we provide disposable mattresses to our customers, but for safety reasons it is preferable to use a mattress protector).
  • Cleaning necessities (window cleaner, dishwashing liquid,various cleaning products so that your tenants can do the cleaning properly) (broom, sponge, mop, vacuum ideally).


3 keys are needed from your main lock, and only these 3 if you have a security lock. For the other, we need 1 key from the lock which we keep to ourselves in case of emergency and in order to close your apartment after the rentals.
2 keys are given to the tenants and a badge (if there is a gate in your residence).

Thank you for informing your tenants :

  • where to pick up the keys
  • the agency's opening hours (if their arrival is planned outside our hours please inform us so that we can contact them to keep them informed of the procedure to follow).
  • inform the tenant about the equipment present in the apartment and the services provided (no complaints can be made to the agency from the tenant)


It is your responsibility to collect the security deposit from the tenants, the inventory entry and exit is carried out by our agency and we’ll be returned to you so that you can manage the restitution of the deposit to the tenants according to your conditions (whether it is a simple conciergery contract or in addition to your rental management contract).

Please inform us as soon as possible if you wish to rent sheets or order a cleaning service.


  • Sheets : 15€ by bed
  • Towel : 10€ by person
  • Cleaning departure (see on your contact form)


1 simple concierge contract,
(we do not have your property in seasonal rental management)

See contract

1 concierge contract in addition
full seasonal rental management.

See contract