Terms of seasonal rental contract

You’d like to rent out your apartment ?

Mom agency offers you its services.

In « classic » rental

Key delivery directly at the agency.

Key delivery is done on Saturday at the agency opening hours. (9h-12h / 14h-17h30).

The handing-over of the keys for the rental is done from 11am in order to make arrivals more fluid or sooner if the apartment is available.

The apartment (or rental) must be free for 10am (tenant or owner).

  • Entry and exit inventory
  • Opening and closing the apartment out of rental period
  • Rental period is from May to September, we close the apartment for you if needed (Water, electricity, gas) for the end of the rental for the winter.
  • Security deposit (1 of 300€ for apartments, and 1 of 70€ for the cleaning)
  • Publishing of your apartment in our website and TO

You can see the rental planning directly from our website (owner part), in real time.

Every reservation has it’s own color, which help you to identify the rental reservation from yours.

In « Key Point »

If we have your apartment in full rental contract

The key delivery for the tenants (friends or family) with check-in and check-out (without security deposit taking) is 50€ by key point.

Warning !

We’re not responsable if there are damages, we're simply in charge of giving you feedback

In Simple Conciergerie

If we have your apartment only in key point:

90€ by key point with check-in and check-out.

Deposits taken by you as set out above.

Good to know:

Must be left in the apartment by the owner:

  • Blanket, pillow, mattress cover (we provide disposable mattresse covers to our customers, but for safety reasons it is preferable to use a mattress protector).
  • Cleaning necessities (window cleaner, dishwashing liquid,various cleaning products so that your tenants can do the cleaning properly) (broom, sponge, mop, vacuum ideally.

3 keys are needed from your main lock, and only these 3 if you have a security lock. For the other, we need 1 key from the lock which we keep to ourselves in case of an emergency and in order to close your apartment after the rentals.

Having your schedule accessible at any time, if your apartment is not rented and you wish to come (or your family), please contact us and let us know BEFORE your arrival (at least 48h or if it’s not possible 24h before).

The payment of the rentals is made at the end of July, end of August, end of September and if there were rentals in the meantime, a last payment is made at the time of the rendering of your accounts which takes place during November.

When you come, the apartment must be left in a rented state (especially if we are in high season July and August) this one must be left clean, and in working order, do not turn off the power, leave water and gas on!!

Summer is coming and you don't have time to come and prepare your apartment for renting? Don't panic, we have a team of maids who can clean.

For tenants, we offer the following rental services:

  • Wifi ( 4G box, 7€ by day or 40€ by week)
  • Sheets (15€ by bed), towels ( 10€ by person)
  • Bed for Baby ( 13€ by week)
  • Cleaning at departure (price depends to the type of apartment)

For all rentals of 2 weeks in July, or 3 weeks in August, a 2-hour trip on the agency's catamaran will be offered


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